Handbook of Process Tracing Methods

WOOP WOOP - here it is - the second edition of our beloved “Handbook of Process Tracing Methods” If you can’t wait - buy it here: https://www.crcpress.com/A-Handbook-of-Process-Tracing-Methods-2nd-Edition/Schulte-Mecklenbeck-Kuehberger-Johnson/p/book/9781138064218 It is bigger and better than the first edition, comes with the classics (Figner on skin conductance, Willemsen on Mouselab and many more) and many new awesome chapters - here is a list:

Moving an idea into business

Recently Ryan Murphy and myself realised that a startup here in Berlin features ideas of our 2011 Flashlight paper. Well, the guys at attensee.com did a great job taking the idea we had much further we ever thought one would be able to take it …