R Style Guide

This is mainly a note to self: There are several style guides for R out there. I particularly like the one from Google and the somewhat lighter version of Hadley (ggplot god).

Why anybody should learn/use R …

I had a discussion the other day on the re-appearing topic why one should learn R … I took the list below from the R-Bloggers which argues why grad students should learn R:

awesome visualization tool for R

http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/googleVis/ enables chart generation similar to the ones instroduced by Hans Roesling in his TED talk on poverty – extremly cool 🙂

resinstalling packages in R after update

This is old - by should still work :) - comment on how to do this in 2019 below … The new version 2.13.0 of R has just been released and with the update comes the pain of re-installing all the packages from the old installation on the new one.

Psychology as a reproducible Science

Is Psychology ready for reproducible research? Today the typical research process in psychology looks generally like this: we collect data; analyze them in many ways; write a draft article based on some of the results; submit the draft to a journal; maybe produce a revision following the suggestions of the reviewers and editors; and hopefully live long enough to actually see it published.

R and the World Cup

Across the street at the Revolution blog a nice example of using R with data from the cloud (see another post on this topic here) shows us the distribution of fouls during the just finished World Cup in a nice barchart.

R goes cloud

Jeroen Ooms did for R what Google did for editing documents online. He created several software packages that help running R with a nice frontend over the Internet. I first learned about Jeroen’s website through his implementation of ggplot2 – this page is useful to generate graphs with the powerful ggplot2 package without R knowledge, however it is even more helpful to learn ggplot2 code with the View-code panel function which displays the underlying R code.

Lattice versus ggplot2

I really liked Lattice for generating graphs in R until I saw what ggplot2 can do … One of the big differences between the two is the theory on which ggplot2 is based upon.

R flashmob

From: The R Flashmob Project Subject: R Flashmob #2 You are invited to take part in R Flashmob, the project that makes the world a better place by posting helpful questions and answers about the

Inference and R

Dan Goldstein posted a short overview of Inference which allows working with R code in Microsoft Office and Excel. I want to point at Sweave which does an excellent job in connecting R to LaTeX.