two good things come together LaTeX and Google Docs together in one nice (free)application – this is a brilliant idea, which gives you the power of LaTeX combined with the excellent collaboration possiblities of Google Docs – if I would have a button it would say “I like” …

R goes cloud

Jeroen Ooms did for R what Google did for editing documents online. He created several software packages that help running R with a nice frontend over the Internet. I first learned about Jeroen’s website through his implementation of ggplot2 – this page is useful to generate graphs with the powerful ggplot2 package without R knowledge, however it is even more helpful to learn ggplot2 code with the View-code panel function which displays the underlying R code.

LaTeX tips

Two things are often bothering when one starts to work with LaTeX: in text referencing of literature and Umlaute (for our German speaking friends) **** Referencing: Here is a list of 5 types of in text referencing.

XAMPP activating mysql

Here is the problem: I want to have a server (Apache, MySQL) on my local machine (for the current purpose it was a Windows machine) to do some developing, testing or a demo.