Forward inference in risky choice: Mapping gaze and decision processes

Foundations for Open Scholarship Strategy Development

Mouse-tracking: A practical guide to implementation and analysis

The dynamics of self-control: within-participant modeling of binary food choices and underlying decision processes as a function of restrained eating

8 Easy Steps to Open Science: An Annotated Reading List

Accelerated CREP-RRR: Turri, Buckwalter, & Blouw (2015)

Blind haste: As light decreases, speeding increases

Facial expression analysis with AFFDEX and FACET: A validation study

The goal of this study was to validate AFFDEX and FACET, two algorithms classifying emotions from facial ex- pressions, in iMotions’s software suite. In Study 1, pictures of standardized emotional facial expressions from three data- bases, the Warsaw …

Registered replication report: Dijksterhuis and van Knippenberg (1998)

Dijksterhuis and van Knippenberg (1998) reported that participants primed with a category associated with intelligence (“professor”) subsequently performed 13% better on a trivia test than participants primed with a category associated with a lack of …

Selecting target papers for replication