The pyeTribe: Simultaneous eyetracking for economic games


The recent introduction of inexpensive eyetrackers has opened up a wealth of opportunities for researchers to study attention in interactive tasks. No software package has previously been available to help researchers exploit those op- portunities. We created Bthe pyeTribe,^ a software package that offers, among others, the following features: first, a com- munication platform between many eyetrackers to allow for simultaneous recording of multiple participants; second, the simultaneous calibration of multiple eyetrackers without the experimenter’s supervision; third, data collection restricted to periods of interest, thus reducing the volume of data and easing analysis. We used a standard economic game (the public goods game) to examine the data quality and demonstrate the poten- tial of our software package. Moreover, we conducted a model- ing analysis, which illustrates how combining process and be- havioral data can improve models of human decision-making behavior in social situations. Our software is open source.

Behavior Research Methods